Dorje McKinnon March 2017
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Vajra is the brain child of Dorje McKinnon.

At Vajra we help your business or organisation leverage online tools to achieve your goals.

Our goal is to make sure the online realm is working for you rather than making you work.

Contact us on +64 (0)22 1018977 or via email with your current problem and we’ll help you with it or put in  in touch with those who can.

Vajra is Dorje McKinnon, intranet expert and online services specialist. My professional intranet musings are on the Vajra blog.

Vajra can help you with:

  • A few hours via phone / email / skype
  • A day’s onsite mentoring
  • Several days strategic planning and running workshops
  • Several weeks helping your through the key stages of your project

Why is the company called Vajra ?

At Vajra we help you cut to the heart of your digital workplace challenges and enlighten your staff with the solution.

A Vajra is the implement Tibetan Buddhists believe the Buddha used to cut away his ego and become enlightened. Wikipedia information on Vajra