Photo credit : Drainrat was mentioned to me yesterday by one of my clients, as a very useful SharePoint solution.

They use it to present staff with thumbnails of search result, pdf, images and other large documents in a SP2010 environment. The real value they find with it is in the way that Vizit allows the user to then open a modal window which shows the document and it’s library metadata in a modal window. For them this is great because it means that users don’t loose their bearings because different types of documents open in different ways.

I thought the ability to open a library item in a modal window and edit it’s properties was stunning, because it removes several steps required to do the same thing using the default SharePoint interface (no matter what version of SharePoint you’re using)

This is a part of my series on useful SharePoint solutions, webparts, apps and plugins.

Comment below to let everyone know about another item you have found really valuable to your SharePoint experience.

Vizit SharePoint plugin
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