This is the fourth in my series on useful stuff for making SharePoint online a better digital workplace and intranet.

Two things my clients ask for when working on SharePoint online projects are: Mega menus and email alerts. So here are two solutions that are practical solutiosn

Mega menus using the out of the box global navigation:

Simple sharepoint’s – Mega menus

Simple sharepoint megamenu

This solution doesn’t modify the master pages, uses the Global navigation menu items, and respects security trimming. Value for money, they are GREAT!

There are limitations around how responsive each mega menu is to the view port the user is seeing the menu within. But for all that they give you fly out mega menus without having to code anything, which is excellent when you need to provide increased information scent to your users for broad high level navigation items.

Alerts for O365 by Virto

Virto alerts O365

This neat little app brings email notifications back to SharePoint online. Great place to start if you’re just getting going and find you’re missing the email functionality that was part of SharePoint on premise. A big shout out to Donald Harman for letting me know about this one, and showing me how he uses it in earnest.

Let me know in the comments below other apps that you find great for your SharePoint online environment.

SharePoint online mega menus and email alerts
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