Intranet analytics reportThis week my intranet analytics report got published by ClearBox consulting in the UK.

The goal of the report is to provide intranet and digital workplace teams with an independent assessment of intranet analytics tools so they can start to measure business value delivered via the intranet. We found that for the most part there is some very real money being left on the table by organisations not using their analytics tools, or not having the right analytics tools in place.

As with anything this was a collaborative effort. Many digital workplace professionals and intranet managers gave their time for interviews, analytics product vendors demonstrated how there products addressed the real world scenarios we had discovered are challenging from our intranet manager interviews.

I’ve already blogged about intranet analytics here on the Vajra website in some detail, and over the next few months I’ll be doing more of that. I’ll expand on some of the areas that I discovered during the ten months of investigation it took to get this report done.

ClearBox has the intranet analytics report available if you’re interested in the 65 pages of quality detail on the seven products we reviewed.

You can also engage me to help make your intranet analytics deliver business value to your organisation.

What others are saying about the intranet analytics report.


Specifically I would like to thank the following people for helping make this report a reality:

  • Sam Marshall for commissioning the report from me and putting up with it taking longer than a baby to be delivered.

Digital workplace professionals

  • Thank you to NSW Fair Trade Australia for their input into the creation of this report.
  • Joe Lees, manager internal digital channels, large pharmaceutical company UK.
  • Many thanks to Eirlys Beverly-Stone, Intranet and Extranet Administrator, Pegasus health New Zealand.
  • Thank you to Briget Lander, Information management consultant, Spark New Zealand.
  • Thank you to Scott Watson, business analyst, Financial services company, Australia.
  • Thanks to Stephen Musselwhite, Group Communications Systems Manager, Oxford University Press
    for his help with this report.
  • Thank you to Rhys Evans of Ntegra, Tony Pounder and Andy Smith of Intelligent Decisioning who
    are currently working on a global intranet for one of the world’s largest brewers.
  • Thanks to Saskia Hoppe and Coca-Cola Enterprises for their help with this report.
  • Thanks to Glen MacDonald for help with this report.


  • Thank you to Andre Karpin, Technical support manager, Harepoint for helping us with this report.
  • Thanks to members of the IntLock team for their explanation of the CardioLog product suite.
  • We would like to thank Paul Henry CEO of nGage for his time and effort in developing this report.
  • Thank you to Grzegorz Jendroszczyk, Key Account Manager, and the entire Piwik team.

Report production team

Personally I would like to that Keryn and Tashi for their support and help during the compilation of this report.

Intranet analytics report
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