There has been a great response to the report on intranet and digital workplace analytics I’ve just authored.

Michael Sampson, global collaboration expert, had this to say in his collaboration blog about the report.

This is required reading for anyone reporting on or commenting on how their collaboration / social business / intranet / digital workspace is performing.

Martin White, internationally renowned intranet search specialist, had this to say

Martin White's comment on the intranet analytics report

I’m flattered and appreciate the kind words of people I look up to.

What I hope is that this report helpsĀ intranet and digital workplace professionals around the world improve their intranets. So if you’re part of the intranet community please take a look at your analytics and use what you discover to make things better.

Learn more about the report on the intranet analytics report page.



Intranet analytics report – what people are saying