SharePoint webpart, extension, app magic
SharePoint webpart, extension, app magic. Photo credit : Pasa.

At the DWCNZ 2016 I got to meet Brooke Lowry who is doing great work at Auckland Regional Public Health Service. Subsiquently the following question came up:

What popular/helpful SharePoint applications do I know about ?

I already have a blog post about this related to Microsoft Flow and the cascading column lookups from ArtfulBits.

But what other things are there out there ? [comment if you have something to share]. Brooke mentioned the following came up at DWCNZ, but please comment below to let our community know about others.


ShareGate is known for being great for doing migrations , but also a great resource of information online about intranets and the challenges of SharePoint. It also has some great, but little know features. During research for the Intranet analytics report I talked to one organisation that had used share-gate to track down sites that had been setup without using the correct template. Making the users experience better for everyone 😉 Tell us a story about how you’ve got extra value from share-gate in the comments.


PSIcapture is a document scan and capture product from PSIgen that helps make it easier to move paper archives into the digital realm while retaining search-ability and metadata.

AMREIN engineering

AMREIN have been providing webparts, plugins and apps for SharePoint a long time. They continue to do it a good price and for all the variations of SharePoint out there. You may want to make them look a little better, but they are solid products that have provided great service on all the intranets I’ve worked on.

Bamboo solutions

Bamboo solutions also have a huge range of SharePoint webparts and extensions that just solve that little problem you’ve got, out of the box.

What solutions have you found that you can buy / download and or use ? Comment below to let everyone in the Digital Workplace community know. Tell us why it was useful to you too 🙂


Great SharePoint app resources
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