Intranet Lunch Procope meetingroomA nice mix of digital workplace and intranet professionals practitioners and consultants, attended our meeting in Christchurch this month.

We were talking about what gets measured on an intranet, how it gets measured and why.

A key theme was that educating those who request digital workplace measures in how to read the measures is hard and takes time.

One way to speed this up described was to provide commentary on the reports, an executive summary using the language the organisation is interested in. For example talk about changes in engagement or contribution rather than more clicks of that or sessions of this.

Another great suggestion (leave a comment if you’ve tried it or think it’s worth while) is to use the top 20 users report available from the standard SharePoint analytics panel, then ask those folks to identify themselves in public to the organisation. This allows less experienced staff to approach someone they know with questions, about the digital workplace. Effectively you build the brand of your evangelists, and have an opportunity to recognise and thank them.

We talked about looking at the most viewed policy or procedure in a hospital organisation. On it’s own this could indicate a large risk or a dogged desire at compliance. With information from other systems e.g. the patient incident register it may be able to provide an indication of areas of the organisation that can be exemplars and help other areas improve.

We discussed the way search analytics are used. One of our attendees showed us the most searched for term report. in their case it was Google. After investigation they discovered that the reason staff were searching the intranet for Google was that they didn’t know they could type a search query into the browser address bar. So in this case the following actions occurred:

  • a best bet linking to Google was added to the search results
  • another best bet was added to instructions on how to search Google from the address bar
  • the training team were informed that basic web usage skills need to be provided to all staff

Another comment on search was that because search is secondary in the culture of the organisation home page governance is key. Home page real estate is seen as being more valuable than a search best bet.

The failed searches report was identified as being very important to monitor for the first month post go live of a new intranet. In this situation it provided lots of indicators for missing content, training required and other action items post go live.

Analytics and reports for site owners and senior staff were what we finished up discussing.

The call came for recommendations on how to provide site owners with meaningful reports, and ways in which to scale that within the SharePoint environment. Let us know how you’ve done that.

One of our attendees pointed out that senior staff tend to gravitate toward stories. That narrative reporting is much better received than other forms of analytics. Secondly that if the narrative had something whizzy or glitzy or animated it was a sure fire winner. Is this what you’ve found ?

The final act was for everyone at the meeting to publicly commit to what they would do regarding analytics on a weekly/monthly basis.

My suggestion was the following:

  • every week create best bets for the 10 search terms that returned zero results.
    estimate for this is about 30mins work
  • every week look at the top 10 users of your digital tools and congratulate them for their contribution.

What do you do every week that means your analytics engine is adding value to your organisation ?

Intranet Lunch Christchurch March 10th
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