I was doing some work for a district council on engagement and thanks to having attended NetHui in 2014 and the CHCH TEDx event I went back and reviewed Nick Williamson’s profile and sites.

Nick is a pretty interesting guy if you’re interested in totally changing the way councils and government interact with their citizens. Check out his work in the town of Kamo to see some of the many skills he has.

One thing struck me – he has taken on Flipboard (an app I’ve liked for a long time) and now curates his own magazines of content. In someways this is like a Pinterest board or blog posts on your own site which link to other content.

As I like the way that FlipBoard makes it easy to consum content I thought I would try the same thing for 3 months.

So I’ve created a FlipBoard magazine : Intranet digital workplace, articles to help intranet and digital workplace managers.

View my Flipboard Magazine.

So if you are interested in Intranets and Digital workplaces AND you use FlipBoard then add my magazine to your FlipBoard. Let me know what topics you’d like to see in the stream of articles and I’ll respond.


Flipboard intranet articles
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