Debbie Ireland Last week and the week before that I have been helping out as an assistant trainer.
Debbie Ireland, who runs , gave me the chance to support her full time trainers in some larger than usual courses they ran here in Christchurch.

Understanding SharePoint and Progressing SharePoint were the two courses run, and for the most part the same people attended each.

Debbie and the ShareThePoint team have been providing SharePoint governance and training for many years in New Zealand and around Oceania. They’ve also recently branched out into providing consulting services to organisations working with SharePoint.

The courses were great for increasing confidence with the SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Online (Office365) and SharePoint 2010 products. Staff responsible for running sites and or intranets get a lot out of these courses if they’ve had no exposure to SharePoint or have only ever used SharePoint as a tool, rather than supported others using it.

The courses follow a presentation / demonstration / class work format and all the attendees came away feeling their level of expertise and ability with the tools had increased. If you’ve got a number of intranet super users in your organisation, or you’re planning for them, then the ShareThePoint SOS product might be the right choice for you. I say this because with each subscription you get 4 half day courses and discounts on those courses if more staff need to attend.

The ShareThePoint training fills a very real need, increasing staff confidence in the tools they have available. The next step is getting those responsible for the intranet to envision what the intranet can/could be. For this my recommendation is to have some time with an intranet expert rather than a technology expert. You can get this by hiring someone like me obviously, or by taking advantage of the great resources available from, or attending the intranet conference they run. Still one of the best I’ve ever attended.

There is also a New Zealand digital workplace (ex SharePoint) conference, though looking at the 2015 speakers list there are only one or two that aren’t technologists.

Hope this helps you understand a little more about the training and next steps available to you.

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