Intranet / digital workplace meeting spaceI’m looking for meeting spaces for Intranet/Digital workplace professionals to have lunch time meetups.

Venue Essentials

  • space can be reserved
  • bathrooms
  • ok parking
  • central or western part of Christchurch
  • no need for attendees to book in

Nice to have

  • Wifi
  • White board
  • Projector or large flat screen monitor
  • food and drink

My goal is to re invigorate the Intranet Lunch concept I created years ago. The goal is to provide a build a community of practice for intranet and digital workplace practitioners and service providers by offering a regular opportunity to meet their peers.

I’ve had two very generous offers of meeting spaces within organisations when their moves and renovations are complete from:

In the interim other suggestions for a venue so far include


I’ll update as other suggestions come in.

Let me know the places you think would work for us using the comments on this blog post.

Meeting spaces in Christchurch