So you’ve done the user testing, you’ve delivered the intranet, you’re bathed in the adulation of the senior staff and the folks who do real work. Well done you.

…. but ….

the icon on your phone for the intranet URL and the one on your desktop and the one at the top of the browser tab just doesn’t match the amazing tool you’ve delivered.

Perhaps it looks like this. SharePoint 2013 faviconNot so great when that is all that users of mobile devices have on their home screen to click on.

How to have the best intranet favicon.ico on every mobile device

First of all pull in a favour with your favourite creative person and get them to come up with an logo for the intranet. Worst case scenario just create one using the letters from the intranet’s name.

Have them send you an SVG file format of the logo and a large 500px or so PNG file of the logo as well.

Then head on over here

Very simply the team or person running this site make it super simple for your logo to become the right sized icon for every type of mobile device and browser tab being used.

You’ll end up with 20 to 30 files to put into the root folder of your intranet, and some code to add to the Head section of every page.

What your users get is your super logo int he right size and format whether they’re using a Windows Surface, an iPad or an Android phone.

Intranet logo Metro look created using  Intranet logo Android intranet logo created using

Cool a !

Hope this helps you add that little bit of delight to your intranet.


Intranet visual identity
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