Thanks to all who attended the Christchurch December Intranet lunch.

Michael Sampson who was there has provided his notes on the proceedings to share with those who couldn’t attend.

Michael’s notes

– attendees:
– … Liz – in the group rolling out SharePoint, Office 365, and Yammer. Helping the team with training and writing of the procedures. At Ryman Health.
– … Katrina – supporting Liz.
– … Dorje – wanted to get together with other people around Intranets.
– … Trevor – Pegasus Health. Have an extranet and intranet. Intranet just over 2 years old. SharePoint 2010.
– … Eirlys – Pegasus World is the extranet for communicating with people on the outside.
– … Donald – SharePoint admin with WSS 3.0. Have a SharePoint on-premise for 2010, going to SharePoint 2013 on-premise. Ngai Tahu.
– … Gary – independent consultant on SharePoint for 6-7 years. Been using SharePoint since 2001.

– the discussion:
– summary of the Auckland lunch meeting is on Dorje’s blog.
– reporting back:
– … Trevor – Amrein Engineering in Switzerland, makes lots of good third party tools. Metro style web part very good.
– … Eirlys – onboarding site / approach in SharePoint. Starts a workflow. Now working through issues (e.g., visibility for what you have to do) and making it work. Looked at the root of the problems, rather than masking them over with more workflow.
– … Gary – training and learning recording and planning. For continuing professional development.
– … Dorje – at Sungard, used a skills assessment method. Showed peers who had the same skill, to help with self-scoring in relation to other people.
– … From Step Two Designs Intranet Innovation Awards 2014 – the Coles idea for giving access to the intranet with any email address, but matched up with a unique ID distributed on a card.
– … Donald – third party tool called “Vizit” gives a thumbnail view of documents ($10,000-$11,000). Can view a document without opening it, and click to edit the properties. Shows in search results. A good alternative for FAST Search.
– conferences:
– … Intranets 2015 May 20-22 in Sydney. Not specifically SharePoint, but lots of SharePoint things.
– … Dorje hopes to run an Intranet conference in NZ in 2015. Inspirational and useful. Multiple locations. Dorje happy to run it, but will need some help – via presenting, via coordinating.
– meeting for 2015? Push for last week of January; at Joe’s Garage.
– agenda for first meeting in 2015?
– … Show and Tell is very useful.
– … Bring one other person who does this.
– … Gary recommends listing this on MeetUp. Handling the RSVPs.
– next meeting for this is in Auckland, on December 10.

Dorje’s comments

On a personal note it was great to see how practitioners in the digital workplace space find inspiration and support from events like this.¬†If you’re reading this and feel you’re working in isolation then create your own local community of practice. I challenge you to

  • Set a time and place for a meeting in January 2015.
  • Set the agenda for the get together. Make sure it involves giving and receiving not just asking for things.
  • Ring 10 other organisations you think might have staff who do what you do and ask them to attend the meeting you’ve organised.
  • Let others know about what you’re doing via twitter / facebook / linkedin or what every mechanism works for your¬†community.
  • When you’ve had your meeting let me know how it went through a comment here.
Intranet Lunch CHC 2 Dec summary