From is a post giving you links to some of the key thought leaders and consultancies working in the intranet and digital workplace space in 2015

A theme that comes through to me from what they’ve been writing from the end of 2014 and into 2015 is that delivering useful delightful solutions to your staff on a regular basis is key. IF you do this in a way that supports your organisations strategy you will get senior support and be able to deliver more delight.



Shel Holtz – communications focus

Shel points out in a recent blog post that internal communications needs to focus on empowering and valuing employees. It should not be seen as a stepping stone to external communications. The skills are very different and the in/out dichotomy is long gone thanks to the knowledge economy.

JBoye – Danish/US intranet and digital workplace consultancy

The team at JBoye are going to focus their research in 2015 on

  • how organisations fit themselves into the digital lives of their stakeholders.
  • the combinations of digital platforms the underpin success for an organisation e.g. CMS,CRM,Search
  • where “ditital” is owned within an organisation and where the budgets are

Jane McConnell – intranet and digital workplace strategy consulting

In a recent interview Jane talked about “the connected organisation”, and how she perceived it. Her description goes into the formal AND informal connections that are important in a successful organisation. She highlights that it isn’t just internal connections that are important but ones with clients and collaborators outside the organisation as well.

Jane has a digital workplace model  and discusses in the video which dimension she sees as most crucial. Her focus is on the “Mindset” section. It is made up of culture, behavior and most importantly she says, leadership. She makes the point that leadership is the top management but also any staff member at any level who supports the organisation. She says “leadership is influence that brings change in an organisation”.

Finally Jane talks about how to begin creating a connected organisation. She says the starting point is with the person who works in the organisation, then their team and the community they are part of.

Neilsen Norman group – usability gurus

In January the Nielsen Norman group published the 10 best intranets of 2015 report. This year Verizon was a winner for the third time. In this case for a redesign.

Another theme was the use of agile/agile like speedy deployments of intranets with the release of itterative improvements after go live rather than waiting for a “big launch”. I think this is an essential for intranet teams to stay in the forefront of senior managers minds.

This years report points out that external expertise is often required, especially to make your intranet really achieve great things.

Digital Workplace Group – independent intranet/digital workplace consultancy (US/UK/Europe)

Steve Bynghall outlines 8 change management tactics that can help with your intranet/digital workplace role out. He talks about how communication and training aren’t the only way to help your organisation change their way of working. Importantly I agree with him that getting staff onboard with the change that your intranet can facilitate is a never ending aspect of the intranet technology project AND the business as usual phase of running an intranet.

StepTwo – Global intranet thought leaders

All of the above, is the title of James’ most recent article which points out very tactfully that intranet vs digital workplace or old vs new or sharepoint vs opensource is not the issue. The key thing is to
“deliver solutions that are delightful in the short term, and strategically beneficial in the longer term”


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