I’ve just spent two days with my tribe at the Digital Workplace Conference 2016 organised by ShareThePoint. In 2017 you should make the effort to go.

Digital workplace conference 2016
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Over the past two days of August 2016 there have been 4 streams: technical, thought leader, business productivity and case studies. I found myself in the business productivity and case study rooms for the most part. 40 sessions plus two keynote speakers made the pace hectic.

For $860 +gst you got a ticket to all these sessions. I’m not sure what the cost will be in 2017 but make sure you get on the ShareThePoint mailing list so you don’t miss out on a ticket.

The topics covered range from intranet information architecture, digital workplace communications, how to use PnP and powershell to provision SharePoint on O365 and intranet analytics and success metrics.

Attending DWCNZ 2017

It isn’t cheap to go to any conference, the ticket cost, the travel, the accommodation, the time you’re not working. So why bother going?

  • You’ll get exposed to new ideas and concepts that will improve your digital workplace.
  • You’ll get inspired by spending time with your peers.
  • Your boss will look better because you’ll be able to do your job better.
  • You get the opportunity to network with vendors and others that do your job.
  • You’ll learn new skills.
  • You get the chance to bring back information to teach to your team members and organisation.

How do you convince your boss you should go ?

When the agenda comes out http://www.dwcnz.co.nz/ give yourself and hour and think about all the things that your boss has to achieve, and all the challenges they have. Look at the talks that are being done and write down how 4 of them could help you achieve your boss’s goals or solve their problems. Put your idea about going to them in these terms. It will speak volumes to them about your understanding of the organisation and what needs to be done, making it easier for the boss to approve your attendance.

Be a speaker for DWCNZ 2017

Every year the Digital Workplace conference looks for case study presentations. What ever you’re doing in the digital workspace area will be of interest to other intranet professionals. What is in it for you ?

  • free entry to the conference.
  • help with your presentation preparation.
  • practice giving presentations.
  • a slide deck to add to your LinkedIn profile.
  • the chance to help build credibility for your intranet team and approach with senior managers in your organisation.

Tips for attending DWCNZ 2017

  • If you have a couple of staff coming or know someone else who will be attending Susan Hanley (who spoke in 2016) suggested taking a strategic approach. Split yourselves up into different sessions, take notes for each other then compare when you get back to the office. My suggestion is that you take notes, and then book a short presentation slot at your local community event so you can share what you discovered. I guarantee with the prospect of having to tell others about the event you’ll make better notes and get more out of attending. Oh and you’ll get a chance to practice your presentation skills.
  • Make sure you step outside your comfort zone and talk to the people around you. When you’re in the line for registration or lunch, introduce yourself to the person beside you and ask them what their big challenges are at work. One of the other speakers in 2016 Oscar Trimboli, talked about doing just this and challenging your assumptions while you do it.

Thanks ShareThePoint team for a great event right here in NZ.

DWCNZ 2017
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