So I’ve been doing some work lately for a local council and a large manufacturing organisation.

Both of them have asked me to help them come up with practical disaster response infrastructure. I’ll blog about the specifics in a week or so.

In researching information about disaster response and disaster recovery I came across the following tonight at 12:16am

Same hosted service - different clients


For intranet teams and for digital workplace professionals, can you spot the problem ?

What is it that you should talk to your IT teams about ?

Yep you’ve got it, with most organisations moving to the hosted service models potentially a different type of disaster scenario now exists.

These three websites are for three councils in the center of the North Island

  • Rotorua district council
  • Wanganui council
  • Hamilton council

From the look of it they are all hosted by the same hosted services provider.

The issue that comes up for me – and it is one that I think needs to be a question you ask of your IT teams and their providers is this.

We’ve moved to a shared services model, which means my organisation has lower costs for the servers and other infrastructure, and means it is less likely for our digital stuff to be destroyed if our building is hit by a meteorite or flooded. BUT because this sort of facility provides services to many organisations (three councils all relatively close to each other physically in this case) what new risk has this change created ? Is it one as a digital professional I need to have some understanding of and mitigation for ?

I’ve worked with infrastructure teams my whole working life, they do great work, they are meticulous and they make great decisions. The service providers also do great work in my experience. The real problem I see here is one of scale.

For my organisation a shared data center has many wins, for the service provider there are many wins. But what does this change in the way my organisation’s data, processes and ability to do our jobs get impacted now that we’ve made the change. And more importantly at the next level up what does it mean for multiple government service providers to all be using the same data center.

Knowing the infrastructure teams I’ve known the issue won’t so much be with data loss, often there are several data centers all backing each other up, the risk I see is being with the concentration of this intellectual and data capital into more limited locations.

I don’t have an answer but it could be worth popping this little hand grenade into the next cake and coffee you have with your IT team.

Let me know what comes out 🙂

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