Dorje McKinnon portraitHi,

My name is Dorje McKinnon and I’m based in Lyttelton, Canterbury, New Zealand

Do you find ?

  • Workshops are hard to organise because everyone has very busy schedules.
  • Workshops never have any actions or outcomes.
  • Workshops get politically hijacked.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

In house workshops facilitated by Vajra reign in the politics, keep track of the actions, define the outcomes and ensure there is a great reason for everyone to make the effort to attend.

Intranet workshops

  • Intranet starter workshop – for when you know you want an intranet and need to get all the stakeholders pointing in the right direction
  • Intranet redesign workshop – for that tricky time when you’re maturing your intranet and need to ensure value is retained and added.
  • Intranet improvement workshop – introduces your intranet team and senior staff to great intranets and how your intranet can change to take advantage of that experience.
  • Intranet tailored workshop – you may find that a mix of these workshops or something specific to your organisation’s situation is required. Ring Dorje McKinnon on 022 1018977 about getting a tailored workshop.