Dorje McKinnon portraitHi,

My name is Dorje McKinnon and I’m based in Lyttelton, Canterbury, New Zealand

Empowering your staff is the smartest investment you can make.

When it comes to the staff responsible for your intranet, it is their organisational knowledge and contacts that ensure your organisation is getting the most from your investment.

Vajra offers

Intranet staff mentoring

On a regular basis we’ll work with your staff responsible for the intranet. Our goal is to empower, upskill, enable and inspire them to do great work for you.

We know that unless your organisation is strategically aligned opportunities are being lost. Having Vajra mentor your staff means they will understand your vision and be able to provide online methods for facilitating that throughout your organisation.

Intranet staff training

In any community of practice there are tools and methodologies that help deliver results. Vajra has been working with intranets since FrontPage and SharePoint 2001. We know the skills your staff need, and the methodologies that will allow them to implement your strategic goals.

Call Dorje McKinnon today 022 1018977 to talk through your situation and he will let you know how he can help.