SP2010 analytics gives you some numbers, and you can use them if you think about it.

SP2010 daily unique users analyticsI was recently asked by the communications team how many people were looking at the news items on a SharePoint 2010 intranet, because “no one looks at the intranet” was what they were being told.

What SP 2010 analytics were available out of the box ?

So what numbers could I get for them:

  • Unique viewers of the Intranet each day – 600 to 650 unique viewers per day (pretty constant for past year other than weekends and holidays)
  • Page views of the entire intranet each day – 4000 or so (again pretty constant for past year other than weekends and holidays)
  • Page views of /news/ section each day – 200 to 600 each day (This number varied day by day depending on the topic of the news items)

So this gives us some trends and if we looked at the news items that drew the most views we could start to come up with topics for intranet news which are more likely to draw readers than other topics.

But being a good communications team they wanted more. They wanted to know

How many real people read our news items on the intranet each day ?

Not having a lot of time (as I’m sure you don’t being busy digital professionals) I thought :

  • I can’t filter the unique viewers by day to just the /news/ section of the intranet. I could have if it was a SharePoint site.
  • I could compare views for the intranet as a whole and the /news/ section for some sample dates and then get percentage I could then apply to the unique viewers for the entire site.
    And no this isn’t rigorous from a statistical point of view but given the time I had I couldn’t parse enough log files to give an exact answer. If you do have time learn how to use the logparser tool, it is wonderful.

So I chose two random dates, 21 Jan and 1st Feb, and found that the /news/ area views divided by the intranet views told me that of all the site page views 8% were of the /news/ section. This 8% was consistent for both dates.

(news area views / intranet views) * 100 = 8%

From this I then inferred that about 8% of the unique visitors to the intranet would equal the number of unique visitors to the /news/ area.

600 unique intranet viewers * 8% = 48 unique viewers of the /news/ area

So i would infer that there are 30 to 40 real people clicking “more” on news items on the intranet home page each day.

[I’ve revised the number down from 40 – 50 to 30 – 40 because I think that several of the unique users each day to the news area are staff who create the news]

You could test other days to check that 8% is a constant by running the “top pages report” for the entire intranet


then running it again to filter for the /news/ section


and doing the calculations for several days.

SP2010 analytics for communications team summary

It is possible to using the out of the box SharePoint 2010 analytics to provide real world answers for communications staff wanting to know the reach of their work.

Ideally this work would be done with LogParser or some other log analysis tool so that you could match intranet usernames up to their department and then be able to tell the communications team departments that didn’t look at the news very much and needed a reminder to go out to their manager.

For the geeks out there who like SQL type queries and using command line tools – LogParser for IIS logs or Batching up LogParser

What can SharePoint 2010 give you ?
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