Intranet Maori language week ideas
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Here in New Zealand it is the 40th anniversary of Maori language week. Maori is one of New Zealand’s three official languages (English and New Zealand Sign language are the others).

If you’re somewhere else in the world you can adapt these ideas to something cultural for your intranet users.

Idea #1 Create content

Tuesday : Find someone in your organisation who speaks Te Reo Maori (should be easy using your intranet mysites section where staff have been putting their skills). Video you and them doing a greeting. Put it up on your intranet this afternoon

Idea #2 Use Te Reo

Wednesday : Email the following to the head of your organisation, the CEO or equivalent.

Hi, I’m responsible for the intranet and as it is Maori Language week I’m sure you’d be happy to do your part by giving the OK for the following news item to go on the intranet at lunchtime today. Don’t ask them if you can put it on. Get them to actively tell you not to if they aren’t keen.
“Start meetings in Maori – CEO” – The CEO is endorsing Maori Language week by encouraging all meetings to begin by greeting staff in Maori. Here are three options for you: Haere mai – welcome, come; Morena – good morning; Tēnā koutou – formal greeting to many people.

Idea #3 Use Maori yourself all week

Use the 100 Maori words all kiwis should know during your working day all week!

Idea #4 Maori quiz

Create a Maori language quiz for your intranet that follows up on the number of times staff noticed meetings starting with Maori or the number of different Maori words staff discovered during the week.


Let me know how you used Maori language week to build collaboration within your organisation OR how you used it to get staff to learn new tools e.g. the quiz functionality


Maori Language week 4 intranet options
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