This is a white paper I prepared some months ago for a client. It outlines in a few pages the key elements required for a successful intranet project. This document is for Cheif information officers (CIOs), Cheif Technology Officers (CTOs), Communications directors and Records managers all of whom at some time or another are involved with intranet projects.

My aim with this documentĀ is to provide a starting point for those responsible for an intranet project with the key elements of intranet projects.

It covers

  1. Intranet definition
  2. Home page policy
  3. Intranet roles and responsibilities
  4. Intranet project elements
  5. Intranet project transition to business as usual (BAU)
  6. Intranet adoption

There are appendixes outlining

  • Intranet governance models
  • Intranet stakeholder workshops
  • Intranet stakeholder interviews

I hope this helps you with a successful intranet project.

Let me know of other things you’ve found to be important during your successful intranet projects.

Intranet success white paper by Vajra (PDF)

Intranet success white paper
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