Intranet Lunch CHC Oct 2014
Dorje, Sutter and Eirlys (Trevor behind the camera) kicking off the Oct 2014 Intranet Lunch.

Yesterday was the first Intranet Lunch since 2008.

Sutter, Eirlys, Trevor, Diane, Matthew and myself (Dorje) were present.

Overall good and useful are how everyone described the October Intranet Lunch here in Christchurch.

“Could have talked a lot longer”

“great to put names to faces”

Our organisations range in size from 1 to more than 9000, and our challenges varied in scale. The challenges and themes that came through were very similar:

  • work tends to be systems supported by staff rather than the other way round.
  • Data currency, specifically within Active Directory is a big challenge especially where poor data is exposed. For example within a SharePoint intranet’s mysites, and profile information.
  • project culture, beginning middle end, makes life difficult for intranet and digital workplace teams because of the never ending nature of our work.
  • politics and the culture of the organisation, strong policies and procedures or none at all, contributed to the ability of intranet managers and digital workplace teams to add value to the organisation.
  • opportunities for great work exist in all organisations. Finding the right way take advantage of them is a never ending piece of work.

A couple of the attendees have been working with intranets for a long time, and some have come to the digital work place very recently.

Our agenda covered

  • Intranet trends in 2014
  • Community run intranet conferences
  • Challenges we are currently facing and discussion of possible solutions

Overall a great beginning to building a community of practice for intranet and digital workplace professionals.

Let us know what you’d like to see on the agenda for Intranet Lunch Christchurch in December, via comments on this post or via emails to Kiwi Intranets.



Intranet Lunch CHC