Intranet Lunch Auckland Nov14
MTG RM space for intranet lunch Auckland Nov 2014

Our first intranet lunch in Auckland went very well, in a great space provided by Dan and Sonia of the MTG RM. After introducing ourselves and some of our digital workplace challenges Jenny, Debbie, Fraser, Josie, Joyce, Briget and I talked through a whole range of topics:

  • SharePoint 2007 intranet migrations to SharePoint 2010 and 2013.
  • Reducing content volume during a migration by using good governance.
  • “Helping the intranet team get to the next level”.
  • The dangers of bespoke development to upgrade paths.
  • Information management and information architecture.
  • How some organisations have flipped the SharePoint model and made it user centric by putting the Mysite page as every users home page, then giving them access to Team Sites and then finally the intranet home page.
  • The value of lurkers and how people “Lurk and learn” as well as “Lurk and provide expert comment”.
  • Generally those present are getting their professional information via LinkedIn

We had a longer discussion about induction to the intranet for staff, and inductions in general. Overall everyone felt there was much more that intranets could do regarding the induction process, and to include intranet training within inductions. Running inductions for all staff after an upgrade was also suggested so that longer serving staff for whom the intranet has been a bad experience pre upgrade are helped to understand the changes.

e.g. Search in sharepoint 2013 is a much improved experience than search in sharepoint 2007. Despite communications staff didn’t even try the new search, just rang the intranet person to find documents. With a search induction those calls from existing staff disappeared.

I’ll do a blog post about some options you can use for improving your induction processes and adding value via the intranet.

Everyone was keen to continue with our Intranet Lunch format as a way of building a community of practice here in New Zealand for intranet and digital workplace professionals. So we’re having an Intranet Lunch in Auckland and an Intranet Lunch in Christchurch again in December 2014.


Intranet Lunch Auckland 5 Nov summary