Intranet home page set as the default for all usersSituation: Every staff member’s browser has the intranet set as their browser default homepage.

Problem: The home page is the most visited page on the intranet, BUT how do I know if they actually use the home page.

Today I’ve got a very short post about this question which comes up with intranet managers when I talk to them about intranet analytics.

Some solutions:

  • Time on page. If your analytics suite measures time on page per user then.
    • Measure the time it takes you to read the key elements of the home page that you want users to notice as well. Let’s say it is 20seconds.
    • Measure the number of unique users which visit the home page for 15 seconds or more (some people read faster than me). This might be with a custom report or by exporting information from your analytics tool OR if you really have to manually working out the answer.
  • Visited another intranet page.
    • Some analytics tools allow you to know the page the user was on prior to this one. So measure the number unique users who visited an intranet page, where the previous page was the home page.
    • If your tool doesn’t track the user’s previous page then you can achieve the same thing by adding a query string element to every link on the home page e.g. companyintranet/the-destinationpage.htm becomes companyintranet/the-destinationpage.htm?from=homepage. Then use the query string from=homepage to group find out how many visits to the home page end up on pages within the intranet. BEWARE this is hard work if you’re not used to analysing log files with scripts.
  • Bounce rate
    • This is a web term that is also valid within the intranet world. It refers to the percentage of visits to a page that then don’t go to any other page on the website. If the time spent on the page is less than our ideal of 15 seconds then we should count this visit by this person as a bounce. BUT if the visit was for 15 seconds or more then the user may actually have seen the home page content.
    • If your tool lets you do it segment single page visits by time on page. And then ideally by unique user.

I hope these options help you find a way to work out a key metric:

Number of staff who view the home page long enough to get some value from it.

How do you avoid analytics issues because all staff have their home page set to the company intranet ?

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