LinkedIn Groups logoDuring discussions with attendees at the Intranet Lunch Nov 2014 in Auckland the topic of LinkedIn came up.

Everyone in attendance felt it was a useful tool, and the LinkedIn groups provide a great way to both give and receive help.

But the question was

Which LinkedIn Intranet group is the best use of my time ?

We didn’t come up with a specific answer, so here are my thoughts and I’d appreciate your suggestions and comments.

In English there are as of today 159 groups (or about 16 pages) of groups on LinkedIn that come up if you search for Intranet. There are 26 Dutch language groups, 18 Spanish, 14 French and 5 Danish language intranet groups.

I’ll focus on the English language groups, New Zealanders like me aren’t so lucky, we’re one trick ponies when it comes to languages.

About 1/3 of the groups are OPEN, and the rest are private (meaning you need to ask to be a member).

Now I’m not going to review 160 LinkedIn groups, but what I can do is narrow the field down a little.

I’m lucky enough to have met and know some of the top folks in the global intranet world. So by filtering the list of groups for English language, and containing only those who are my first connections I get a list of 20 Intranet groups.

Here is the list organised by most members first.

LinkedIn group name Description Activity Members
Internal Communication Members Only | •Managing company publication – for employees… intranet and other internal web portals (Group… Very Active 53 discussions this month 18,113
Worldwide Intranet Challenge (WIC)[Member] Members Only | The Worldwide Intranet Challenge (WIC) group is an opportunity for CIO, intranet, internal & corporate communication, HR, … Active 29 discussions this month 11,707
e-Marketing Communication Members Only | e-Marketing Communication – online networking. Integrate the forces of eMarketing and Communication – on the Internet. … 9 discussions this month 9,323
Women in New Media Members Only | Women in new media, including internet/intranet development, information architecture, and online journalism and graphic … Active 38 discussions this month 8,526
IoIC – The Institute of Internal Communication Members Only | The Linked In group for and followers of the Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC). Very Active 67 discussions this month 7,674
Intranet Professionals[Member] This group provides a simple way for intranet, digital workplace, enterprise social media & SharePoint professionals to … Active 42 discussions this month 7,148
SharePoint for Internal Communicators Members Only | A communications-oriented forum for those using SharePoint for their corporate intranet or extranet, for team … 6 discussions this month 3,152
SharePoint Governance Members Only | For SharePoint architects, intranet managers, SharePoint administrators and developers interested in SharePoint Governance… 16 discussions this month 2,159
J. Boye Members Only | This group is for online professionals, including digital managers, online managers, intranet managers, digital marketeers… 5 discussions this month 1,845
intranet 3.0 The objective of this group is to exchange and disseminate ideas in technology enabled new evolutions in information and … 7 discussions this month 864
Intranets for Corporate Communications Members Only | This will group focuses on Intranets for Corporate Communicators. – How to integrate your intranet into your … 1 discussion today 836
IntraTeam Network about social intranet This group is focussing on creating value with social intranet, collaboration and Enterprise 2.0. 1 discussion this month 820
Digital and Intranet Career Path[Member] A forum to discuss the career pathways for those involved in collaboration, KM, intranet, digital and online channels 5 discussions this month 713
Social Intranet Best Practices This group is to share best practices with regards to Social Intranet. What works and what doesn´t. How to get users … 3 discussions this month 526
London Intranet Managers’ Network[Subgroup] Members Only | A group for those with responsibility for intranet management 16 discussions 225
Advanced Intranet & Portals This group is designed for people who are interested in networking at Connecting Group’s “Advanced Intranet & Portals” … 30 discussions 159
IntraNetwerk Members Only | Het IntraNetwerk is een door Entopic georganiseerde community van intranet managers, communicatieprofessionals, IT-ers en … 1 discussion this month 37
Intranet Related Events[Subgroup] Members Only | Submit any intranet related events to this group. 8 discussions 33
CRISP User Group Members Only | SharePoint and Intranet User Group for New Zealand Crown Research Institutes 12 discussions 20
Intranet and Content Management Specialists Members Only | A group to benchmark, network and collaborate with your fellow intranet and content professionals 4 discussions 10

There is a problem with my assumptions – I don’t have many LinkedIn contacts in the USA that are intranet folks. So if someone who does could do the same thing as I have here then we could come up with a pretty good list of useful LinkedIn intranet groups.

OK so what is my spin on the groups I’m a member of.

Digital and Intranet career path

Of the 20 most recent posts to this group 11 were on topic, by this I mean in the spirit of the groups description, ad 9 were off topic.

For me I visit the group only every so often and focus on Mark Tilbury’s posts as they are the most consistently on topic.

Intranet Professionals

The stated aim of this group is to provide a simple way for intranet and digital workplace professionals to network with their peers. With an aim like this almost everything is going to be on topic (baring spam) so I’m going to look at how engaged the audience is as a measure of value.

In the past 13 days there have been 20 discussions started. This is how the engagement breaks down:

  • No like or comment – 10
  • Like only – 7
  • Comment only – 1
  • Like and comment – 2

All the big names of the intranet / digital workplace space are here contributing, and it appears that practitioners are here too and engaged.

For me this is the first port of call and with 20 posts in 2 weeks I try to visit once or twice a week.

World Wide Intranet Challenge

The goal of this group is to help by sharing of good intranet techniques and allow intranet and digital workplace professionals to ask questions and sharing expertise.

24 posts in the past 23 days. 5 of them from one person all of which were promoting the company she works for. One question from someone actually running an intranet, and about half the posts sharing links to their own or other blog posts and articles that are of interest to the intended audience. There were several “notifications” of events / entries / activities as well.

For me , this group gives the most extra reading, but the “hey look at our great new product” without actually relating it to the groups intended audience gets a little tiresome. Still a great group thanks to Andrew’s networking around the world.



The groups available within LinkedIn for intranet and digital workplace professionals are extensive. A rationalisation of them would be nice but overall they add value. My suggestion is to look outside the LinkedIn portal for other ways you can get information, so you are sure you don’t miss out.

Let us know the way you keep your professional knowledge up to date and receive peer support.


Great LinkedIn intranet groups