Everyone sells your company - Robert Wood of LTI TruckingThis evening on LinkedIn I saw a post about Robert Woods of LTI trucking.

24,000 likes 1974 comments in 15 days!!

But how is this relevant to intranets ?

Well – it should tell you something about story telling. Now Robert Doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile as far as I can tell but his story which he must have related to someone in the LTI office is a real feel good one. What does it have that you might find useful for stories on your intranet ?

  • A selfless act
  • An unlikely hero
  • Doing the right thing
  • Caring for others

Even a couple of these things are enough to give you a great intranet story.

The other great thing about this story from my perspective is that it isn’t just a corporate taking advantage of their staff. Go and take a look at the LTI Trucking Services website www.ltitrucking.com . It is obvious that their organisation values their drivers over almost everything else. And that shows in how they celebrate them via LinkedIn / Facebook / Twitter and Google+

Even if your organisation’s culture isn’t as staff focused as LTI’s take a leaf from their book and celebrate a staff member with a good story. You’ll have an intranet ally to rely on 🙂

Everyone sells your organisation
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