McCandless infographicInfographics abound in the media.

How does your intranet fare ? Have you put even one on your intranet ?

If you have good on you! Now think about WHY ?

Often infographics are created because they look great. Which is nice but we’re digital workplace professionals so we don’t just want to provide an infographic that looks great, we need it to be super good at communicating information too!

How do you do that ? Well there are lots of techniques and quite a few online tools to help you these days too but the bottom line is that you need to have an idea, a concept or something you want to communicate first.

Datajournalism is where you need to start looking for information on getting your data togeather, then use the information you find on infographics to workout how best to display your data so that it gets the message you’re trying to send across.

Here is one infographic telling us how the intranet could be improved.

Here are some resources for creating your own infographics, some even for folks who can’t draw 🙂

Here is another infographic that shows some of the key things an Intranet should be doing for your organisation.

Ultimately infographics should tell a story, thus helping you and or your users understand or achieve a key element of the work your organisation is trying to achieve.

Here is a specific example: Instead of a project report you could update a project infographic and publish that . . . on the intranet of course 🙂

Let me know how you’re using infographics on your intranet via the comments below.

Intranet project report using infographic format
This was created using online tool in about 30minutes.


Data journalism and intranets
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