Dorje McKinnon CodeCamp speaker Christchurch 2015Have just had a great day at #codecamp Christchurch 2015.

Thanks to the team for organising it.
I really enjoyed doing my talk on how to build a great digital work place.

It was really nice that the key note speaker’s talk, about creativity in the software development process, covered some of the same areas. Design thinking specifically.

If you’re interested my Creating a Great digital workplace (for developers) slides are available on slide share.

Thanks to Bevan Arps for letting me use him for my semi-fictional persona, Jane McConnell for her thought leadership on the Digital Workplace. The James Robertson and the team at StepTwo for sharing the intranet innovation award winners with the world.

Remember who ever you are, digital workplace person, sharepoint admin, software developer:

  • spend time with users
  • take on complexity
  • deliver simplicity

Do great work !


Code camp Christchurch
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