Vajra is the brain child of Dorje McKinnon. It is a group of people who work together to help you get the online world working for you rather than you having to work the online world.

We are really good at solving problems. This is because we have extensive experience and can think outside the box.

We are great at stripping away the geek speak and putting things in terms that are easy to understand. We have working with big businesses, huge public organisations, and small owner operated outfits.

We help

  • small business with online strategy, websites and social marketing
  • large businesses with external and internal facing web based tools and strategy
  • public organisations understand the opportunity online tools present
  • anyone who is looking for straight up independent advice about social media, websites, intranets and things online generally.

We admit we don’t know everything, so if your question goes beyond our realm of experience we guarantee we’ll find someone who can help you and put you in touch with them.

What we do